From Tuesday 6th December to Thursday 8th December, Down Youth Musical Theater put on their first ever musical production in Warrenpoint Town Hall. The very experienced director was Mrs. Posey Gilsenan and musical director was the very talented, Miss Fiona Flynn. 

The show that Fiona and Posey worked together on, was Andrew Lloyd Weber’s ‘Whistle down the Wind.’ To put on a musical of this standard, needed lots of fundraising and the help of local businesses through sponsorship. When we were asked to sponsor, we said that we would help as much as possible to make sure that the Down Youth Musical Theater had what they needed to make this musical, one of the best stage performances, Warrenpoint has ever seen and after being at the show for the three nights, I’m sure everyone will agree, that I wouldn’t be wrong when I say this. It was truly outstanding.

We were very proud to be one of the main sponsors and to see the local young people perform to such a high standard, made everyone who saw the production so proud. 

We would like to congratulate both Fiona and Posey on producing such a spectacular production but also for allowing all the young cast, to have the experience of being in such a professionally run musical.

Well done