Night Lenses at Lees

Lee Opticians are delighted to be official partners of Scotlens, the company responsible for developing Night Lenses.

Night Lenses are like contact lenses but are specifically designed to be worn while you are sleeping. Your sight is corrected naturally while you sleep, meaning that in time you wake up to perfect vision. You remove the lenses upon waking and have a normal day without needing daytime lenses, glasses or laser surgery.

The effect lasts for 24 hours, and is repeated every night. They can also stabilise Myopia (short sight) in children, which is linked to long term eye disease. It’s the ‘sounds too good to be true’ innovation that everyone is talking about.

Our Optometrist Helen explains more in the video below.

For some FAQ on Night Lenses click here

Night Lenses by Scotlens

Watch the short videos below from our Night Lens partner Scotlens