Dispensing at Lee Opticians

Our dispensing team, here at Lee Opticians, are on hand to help you make the right frame choice and the right lens choice to suit your lifestyle needs. When you have an eye examination with us, the optometrist will hand you over to one member of our dispensing team who will be more than willing to help you. It is the Dispensing Optician who is always on hand, for when you come back to collect your glasses and get them fitted. The Dispensing Optician provides you with the after-care of your glasses, and it is the skills and the knowledge of the DO, that will make sure you are always comfortable with what you are wearing.

Lens Choice

When the Optometrist hands the patient over to our Dispensing team, it is the job of the Dispensing Optician, to help and advise you on your lens choice by discussing your day-to-day routines and hobbies that you may do. By choosing the correct lens, e.g. Computer lens or reading glasses, this could be the difference in how you find working at a computer, at your own work. If you are a driver or know you drive a lot, simple things like adding a reflection free coating could make the world of difference and it is the Dispensing Optician that can help you get this onto your lens. Put your trust in your Dispensing Optician, who will want to satisfy your visual needs. 

Frame Choice

Our team here at Lee Opticians have such passion when it comes to picking the right frame for the patient. We love to help you pick a frame, which you will love and admire and proud to show off. Of course, our Dispensing Optician team, will work with you, in terms of what suits your budget. One thing we pride ourselves on, is that once you leave the shop, having picked up your pair of glasses, we know that you will leave happy with your choice, but you can be guaranteed that you are leaving with a superb, tailored fitted frame.

VisiOffice (Bespoke Varifocal Measurements)

We are proud to be an Essilor ambassador, which allows us to invest in the latest and most up to date machinery giving our patients the best available lens measurements.

We believe in the best and we believe that our patients should have the option to have the best. Essilor’s VisiOffice allows us to tailor varifocals for each patient – the Varliux X4D lens. Having this bespoke lens means that measurements taken tell us which eye is the patient’s dominant eye, allowing us to make a lens based on the patient’s head movements or eye movements. This is instead of advising people to “point their nose at whatever you are reading”.

We can now manufacture a lens based on the exact point the patient looks through so everything looks as natural as possible.

Our Dispensing Team

  • Michael Gilsenan FBDO
  • Jack Gilsenan FBDO

If at any time you have any questions, either a patient of Lee Opticians or patient of somewhere else and you have any concerns or any questions about your lenses, feel free to call in and speak with our team, who will be more than willing to help.