Sports Eyewear

Vision is the dominant sense in most sports, so to improve and maximise your sporting performance you must maximise your vision.

Sports Eyewear can correct and enhance your vision, as well as protecting your eyes during sporting activities.

The correct Sports Eyewear is essential, as all sports have different visual demands.
Therefore we at Lee Opticians assess each patient’s individual requirements so we can recommend the correct performance glasses, swimming goggles, tint, coatings or contact lenses.

Tints and coatings can also improve your sporting performance, for example: -

Yellow/ Orange   Increase the contrast in low lighting either for indoor or outdoor sports.
Filter blue light for better focusing.
Recommended for cycling, shooting, tennis etc.

Amber/ Rose Red  Increase contrast in sunny or partly cloudy days.
Can create colour imbalances.
Recommended for cycling, snowboarding, water sports etc.

Dark Amber/ Brown  Increase contrast and vision by blocking blue light.
Heightens contrast with grass and blue sky.
Recommended for golfing, skiing etc.

Green  Increases contrast with distorted colour balance.
Recommended for golf etc.

Eye safety is paramount during sporting activities, especially when performing certain high-risk sports such as squash.  Therefore eye safety is our main concern when we are advising you on Sports Eyewear, primarily as a physical barrier to eye trauma but also as U.V.A. and U.V.B. protection to prevent U.V. damage when performing outdoor sports for long periods.

We offer a large range of Sports Eyewear and are also specialist providers of Adidas Sports Eyewear, which can be glazed to your exact prescription.

Children and Sports Eyewear

Children’s vision and eye health is also an important consideration during sporting activities, especially from a safety aspect.  From preventing simple injuries such as dust from entering the eye to more serious eye trauma, children should be fitted with the appropriate Sports Eyewear.  

This is also advised by most schools and sports clubs, who now insist children who normally wear glasses, must wear Sports Eyewear as eye protection during sports.

We also offer a large range of children’s Sports Eyewear, designed for children that can be glazed to their prescription.