Spectacles/ Frames

SEE and be SEEN!
From fashion conscious designer frames, to fun children’s frames, we select only the best from leading manufactures across the world.
Our dispensing staff will help guide you to the perfect frame that will not only look fabulous, but fit perfectly and feel comfortable, suiting your face shape, colouring, visual needs and prescription.
We have an extensive range of frames to suit individual needs, tastes and price range.  We are constantly seeking out new and original designs.

Some of the brands we stock:

Gucci Face a face
Christian Dior J.F. Rey 
Boz  Adidas
Miss Sixty Rayban
OKO by OKO Prodesign
Vogue William Morris 
Oscar & FitchKaravan 
Etnia Barcelona


Sunglasses are not only a must have fashion accessory but an essential for everyone, even those who do not normally wear glasses.

Sunglasses protect our eyes from invisible Ultraviolet Radiation (U.V.R.), which reduces the risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration.

Not only do sunglasses filter U.V.A. rays, which can accelerate the development of age related illness of the eye and U.V.B. rays, which can cause damage to eye tissue, they essentially reduce the amount of light entering the eye, promoting the visual comfort of the wearer.

Choosing the right sunglasses is crucial!
Sunglasses may look very similar, but they may not provide the same degree of protection, if any protection at all, they may also cause discomfort to the wearer and reduce visual performance.  All sunglasses should meet a legal standard.

The purpose for which you require sunglasses will dictate the colour of tint, percentage absorption of tint, coatings on the lens and frame choice, as all these factors will have an impact on the performance of the sunglasses and visual comfort of the wearer.  Therefore choosing sunglasses is not a “one fit, fits all” approach.

When selecting sunglasses it is important to consider: -
  • Purpose for which you will be wearing the sunglasses e.g. general use or for a particular sport such as cycling or fishing.
  • Ultraviolent (U.V.) protection.
  • Colour of lenses.
  • Percentage absorption of lenses.
  • Type of lenses.
  • Coating on lenses.
  • Style of frame.
  • Fit of frame.
  • Material of frame.
  • Individual requirements.

At Lee Opticians an experienced member of our dispensing team will discuss with you, your individual requirements, explain the different options available to meet your requirements and help you choose the perfect fit and stylish frame.

At Lee Opticians we stock a large range of sunglasses, including designer sunglasses such as; Gucci, Christian Dior, Rayban and Prada to name a few, making sure we have the latest in sunglasses trends and a variety of styles, to suit all personal tastes and individual needs.  We are also specialist providers of Adidas sports sunglasses.

Children and Sunglasses

Children’s eyes are delicate!

Protecting children’s eyes and vision is paramount, as their eyes are more at risk of damage from harmful Ultraviolet U.V. rays. The lens in a child’s eye is clearer, allowing more U.V. rays to enter the child’s eye and cause irreversible damage.  

Parents are excellent at protecting their children’s skin from U.V. radiation, but often their eyes can be forgotten.  Research shows that by the age of 18, children have already been exposed to more than half of their lifetime exposure of U.V. radiation therefore a child is never too young to wear the correct sunglasses.

Children’s sunglasses must meet the UK standard BE EN 1836:2005, which means the lenses block up to 99.99% of harmful U.V. radiation.

At Lee Opticians we understand how precious a child’s vision is, and we must take every precaution to protect it.  Therefore it is essential that all children should wear the correct sunglasses, even if they do not normally wear glasses, to protect their eyes from harmful U.V. rays.