School Vision
In 2009 Michael Gilsenan became the first Optician in Ireland to obtain a School Vision diploma.
School vision looks at ALL the visual dysfunctions that will cause children to underachieve in reading or under perform in school.

Common visual dysfunctions
  • Short sight
  • Long sight
  • Astigmatism 

Visual dysfunctions associated with underachievement in reading
  • Eye convergence
  • Eye tracking
  • Eye motility
  • Accommodation
  • Ocular muscle balance
  • Eye dominance
  • Pattern glare
  • Contrast sensitivity
  • Visual stress

  These dysfunctions are often overlooked in a routine eye examination due to time constraints but these dysfunctions will prevent a child from reaching his or her potential in reading. It is thought that 50% of the population will have a visual dysfunction which will cause underachievement in reading. In the last decade there have been huge environmental changes to the modern day classroom which will ironically create difficulties for our students! There is now 4 ½ times more UV light in the modern classroom due to Interactive boards, white boards, overhead projectors, computer screens…….
Research has shown that there is a high prevalence of long sightedness (difficulty in seeing at close distance) in N Ireland. Long sightedness can go undetected for years.


Lee Opticians carries out school vision assessments and takes pride in the care we take with our young patients. We also carry out school vision screening in primary and secondary schools. We are happy to speak to educationalists to promote the importance of vision in education, something which is too often overlooked.