Contact Lenses

Contact lenses offer freedom, choice, comfort, good vision and affordability. The latest contact lenses are very versatile and with new designs, materials and lens technology, contact lenses are suitable for almost everyone, all prescriptions, all ages and all needs.

At Lee Opticians we are committed to and pride ourselves on providing the latest contact lenses, even to those who have been previously unsuccessful and we have a close relationship with all our contact lens manufactures who keep us informed of cutting edge developments.

Types of Contact Lenses

To compliment your lifestyle, prescription and needs we offer a wide range of contact lenses from the world’s leading contact lens manufactures, so we can fit the best contact lenses that will meet and exceed your individual needs.

We provide: -
  • Soft Dailies/Fortnightly/Monthly
  • RGP (hard).
  • Toric (used to correct astigmatism).
  • Progressive (used to correct both distance and reading vision).
  • Coloured
  • Custom Made

Contact Lens Fitting

Step 1
Our optometrist will examine and measure your eyes in detail and discuss the different options available to you in order to determine the most suitable lens type and replacement option.

Step 2
Once the lens type and replacement option has been decided, we will insert a trial pair of lenses so we can assess the fit and vision of the contact lenses and make any necessary adjustments.

Step 3 
Now the perfect trial lenses has been chosen, you will be taught how to insert, remove, clean and care for them. When you can do this safely and you feel confident in handling the lenses you will be given FREE trial contact lenses to take home.

Step 4
At the end of your trial period, you will return wearing the contact lenses for a specified time so that we can examine the vision and fit of the contact lenses and the health of your eyes. We will also discuss the performance of the lenses over the FREE trial period, identifying and making any necessary changes before supplying you with the best contact lenses and arranging an aftercare appointment.

Aftercare Appointments
Aftercare appointments are essential to successful contact lens wear. They provide an opportunity for you to discuss any changes in your contact lenses or lifestyle. They are also important so we can assess the fit and vision of the contact lenses and the health of your eyes and make any necessary changes to maintain optimal contact lens comfort and visual performance.