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posted 4 May 2011, 07:50 by Unknown user
Following two years of extensive training and research, Michael Gilsenan F.A.D.O., M.B.D.O., of LEE OPTICIANS, Warrenpoint has introduced a new optical system designed to help people suffering from visual perceptual difficulties associated with dyslexia and dyspraxia. Lee Opticians is the first optical practice in Northern Ireland to offer this unique service.

The Orthoscopics System, created by Ian Jordan, is the product of years of research from some of the world’s top optical companies and has been proven to positively affect the senses - improving vision, balance and reading ability of people with conditions that are associated with visual disorders.

Michael Gilsenan explains: “It is estimated that up to 10 per cent of children suffer from some kind of visual disorder caused by malfunctions in the eye-brain communication process. These ‘perception’ difficulties can now be tackled with the introduction of this unique Orthoscopic testing system.”

The optician uses special prescribing techniques in testing the patient and employs colour-filtering techniques to select the patient’s ‘optimum colour response’ during an assessment which can last for up to two hours. Following testing, specifically tinted lenses are then created to this prescription, which are then worn by the patient.

“The use of colour to treat visual difficulties is not a new approach”, Michael explains. “Coloured overlays on text and coloured lamps have previously been used to assist children’s reading but these don’t always have positive results as they aren’t tailored to the individual - resulting in an estimated 40 per cent success rate.”

The Orthoscopics System, however, takes this concept one step further, assessing the individual and resulting in much higher success rates as it has shown each naturally responds differently to different tints.

“The potential for this type of screening is hugely significant when you consider the effect that visual problems must have on a child’s academic or social experience,” Michael says.

“A child with a condition like dyslexia may experience a range of symptoms, for example, quivering text and moving letters, which can result in problems with reading or lead to major communication difficulties. They may underachieve academically and/or socially which can result in low self-esteem with anti-social behaviour common.

“These visual perceptual difficulties can often be missed in regular eye examinations. The Orthoscopic system can help to improve visual difficulty and improve the child’s communication in 80 per cent of cases. We see ourselves as partners to those involved in education by offering solutions to children who need help dealing with dyslexia and dyspraxia,” Michael adds.

The system has also proven successful in treating adult migraine, headaches and improving co-ordination, hearing and speech difficulties. Severe migraine sufferers have reported that headaches disappear before the tests are even completed.

These are just some of the views of patients who have been treated at the Orthoscopics Clinic at Lee Opticians Warrenpoint.

“The words don’t jiggle about anymore –they stay still,” said one seven-year-old Co Down boy.

A 12 -year old child from South Armagh comments: “Since I got these glasses I don’t get headaches anymore and I can concentrate better.”

A boy from the Newry area explains:” I like my new glasses because I don’t have to put my finger underneath the words. I can explain myself better and remember what I have learnt.”

An adult from Belfast who had been diagnosed as dyslexic was amazed that he could now, “do twice the amount of work in the same length of time.”

The testing process, which is suitable for children from the age of seven to adults, involves an initial eye examination and tests to determine how the patient sees colour and pattern in addition to assessing their spatial awareness and movement.

The ORTHOSCOPICS CLINIC is based in Lee Opticians, Warrenpoint, Co. Down, with tests carried out by Michael Gilsenan who has over twenty-five years experience as a dispensing optician.

Costs range depending on the particular examination carried out.

For more information on the Orthoscopics Clinic contact Lee Opticians, Charlotte Street, Warrenpoint, tel 028 4175 3030.

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